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Cashew Fenny of goa
« on: December 16, 2016, 05:33:01 am »
Fenny spirit distilled from either the sap of coconut or the cashew apple that grows just below the cashew nut. Cashew Fenny is also called Kaaju Feni. Fenny originated in Goa and the Goan fenny,as its come to be known as, has become famous throughout the world. Though other countries also produce wines from the cashew apple, Cashew Fenny is a unique speciality of Goa, an erstwhile Portuguese colony.

The cashew apples are carefully picked, foot-trodden to extractthe juice and then fermented. In the traditional method, the cashew apples are manually crushed in a coimbi, a rock carved like a basin having an outlet to collect the juice. Nowadays, it is done using modern crushers. The juice is then collected in huge earthen pots called Kodem. These are then buried in the ground and allowed to ferment. After the fermemtation is completed, the are sent for distillation. Traditionally, the cashew juice is allowed to ferment by itself without using any fermentation agent.

The fermemted juice is distilled in earthen or copper pots. In the traditional method of distilling, cashew juice is poured in a big pot called Bhann which serves as a closed boiler. The Bhann is connected to a smaller pot called Launni. serving as the collector.

The juice in the big pot is boiled. As the liquid in the pot vaporises, the pressure in the receiver starts increasing. It is kept in check by regularly pouring cold water over it. In the first stage ofdistillation, the fire is big but in later stages the fire is simmered down so that the pressure and heat remain under control. The ditillation process takes around 8 hours to complete. The firstdistillation process produces urrack and the second distillationproduce s fenny. Urrak has alcoholic strength ranging between 14 and 16 grao. The final product, feni's strength ranges around 20 and 24 grao. For premium fenny, triple distillation is done. In Feni, alcohol content ranges from 40-45%.

Cashew Fenny has a unique taste. Although many goans drink it neat, it may be strong for many and can be taken with ice, soda and lime cordial or tonic water. It make a good combination with fruit juices too.

Some of the best brands of feni are Big Boss, Cashyo and Reals. Big Boss is the best known brand and is marketed internationally too.

One of the most famous and popular drinks that Goa is actually synonymous with is the Feni. Also known as the Fenny, this Goan drink can get a person drunk in no time. This Indian liquor is of two types - Cashew Feni and Coconut Feni. While coconut Feni is made by fermenting the fruit of the Cashew tree, coconut Feni is made from the juice of toddy plants. The Goan Fenny is usually considered to be superior compared to all other types of Fenny. The Feni drink of Goa is a must try if you are visiting Goa anytime.

The process of making the cashew Feni is quite tedious and involves quite some amount of effort. First, the cashew apples are crushed manually in a rock atop a hill that is in the shape of a basin. This natural basin has a separate for allowing the juice to flow out when the cashew apples are being crushed. This juice is collected in an earthen pot which is then buried deep inside the ground to allow fermentation. During fermentation, almost 4% of the juice is turned into alcohol. This juice is then collected and distilled in copper pots. Then the juice is heated and the alcohol vapors are collected in a cooling condenser.

The distillation process is repeated three times. The first distilled juice that is obtained is known as Urrack. This drink is of a very low strength and is not too heady. The second drink is known as Cazulo which is slightly stronger than Urrack. Cazulo is not that popular and is hardly sold in markets. The final juice that comes out is very powerful and highly intoxicating and is known as Feni. This product has a pretty long shelf life is liked much by people. Though it can be taken neat, people sometimes prefer to mix it with cola, soda and lemon juice.

The most unique characteristic of Feni is its distinct smell that can be detected from quite a distance when Feni is being distilled. The quality of genuine Feni is determined by its aroma. The Feni that is produced after the third distillation is a product that is known for its excellence and high quality. This Feni is quite strong and one gets carried away by the aroma itself when the bottle is opened and Feni is poured in a glass. Fenny can be enjoyed neat as well as a cocktail since it has a versatile base. So when you do visit Goa, make sure you enjoy the beauty of the place with this intoxicating drink in your hand to add to the fun.